So while there are a ton of lists ripping apart websites that have poor usability. I’d like to ask for people’s opinions on websites that they think demonstrate good, intuitive design. Besides Google and Apple, here are my favorite two:

  • Songza – Songza is a music search engine that allows you to find, store and stream music. I use this site pretty regularly to check out new music. The site was started by a usability consultancy called Humanized, these guys are good, and are trying new things. The interface is deceptively simple, search for a song, then clicking on it allows you to play, rate, share or add to playlist. I like how deceptively robust the site is making good use of just in time design (only show menus/controls when users ask for them). The hot keys (space plays/pauses, forward arrow goes to next song, etc…) and controls only appear on the bottom of the screen when you begin playing a song. Check out my profile to see what I’ve been listening to lately.
  • Mint – Mint is a free personal finance site. When I first signed up it took me about 5 minutes to import all my bank account information, credit cards, investments and loans (which in itself is very impressive). From there it tells me how to save money by switching to credit cards with better rates, consolidating loans, etc… It shows you where your money is being spent and allows you to set budgets and alerts on seperate categories (food, entertainment, travel, etc…) This site is fast and easy to use and utilizes nice, visual representations of where your money is going. The UI is very clean and feels very web 2.0 (lots of icons, gradients, rounded corners) without being cliche.

What are your favorite sites (in terms of usability and UI?

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