a few months ago i was feeling stuck.  i started plateauing at my job, my social life was fun but unfulfilling and my only hobbies were ballin’, readin’ and drinkin’.  i was restless.  i traveled a lot growing up and always wanted to live abroad.  on a whim i started researching agile software companies, interactive agencies and fast growing companies in india.  i emailed the ceo’s directly letting them know i was motivated, charismatic and relentless.  i setup a few interviews and bought a plane ticket.  i was there for two weeks, had 7 interviews and accepted an offer in mumbai.

my short trip to india reinforced my desire to go there.  sure it was dirty, crowded and i almost died every time i crossed the street, but there is a huge amount of energy and excitement.   sometimes when you get to a place it just feels right – i felt an immediate connection to mumbai and the people i met there.  also the ability to travel in the region (i have friends in vietnam and thailand) was particularly appealing.

why india?  as india continues to play a more important role in the global economy i figured the experience gained working there and the connections id be able to make, will one day prove invaluvable.  culturally i’ve always been fascinated by india and out of the worlds largest emerging economies (BRIC), it’s the only one where language isn’t really a barrier.  obtaining a work visa (with a u.s. passport) is also easy.  finally there’s an amateur basketball scene, a prerequisite for any place i would consider living.

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