People here use really antiquated, ambiguously British phrases, here’s a short sampling I’ve recently heard:

  • When I miss a shot in basketball people yell out, hard luck! A good shot is lovely!
  • I’m often asked, What’s your good name sir?
  • When Indians refer to their hometown it’s called their native place
  • Older, unrelated people are often referred to as Aunty and Uncle
  • Fortnight is used frequently (I still have no idea what this is and refuse to look it up)
  • Men are referred to as gents
  • We have guys who take care of logistical stuff who are called office boys and peons
  • Saw this on a resume I recently checked out: Born on the 17th day of July, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty
  • And my personal favorite: Every Tom, Dick and Harry was at the restaurant.  This one especially doesn’t make sense since wherever it is they are referring to, there is undoubtedly no Tom, Dick or Harry present.

Tomorrow I’m starting Hindi lessons and very excited.  Here’s a short email I got from a tutor I contacted:

Hi Amit
It seems you are an Indian.Why do you want to learn Hindi?Lets know then accordingly we will arrange.

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