I just returned for 2 trips, first to Goa for New Years, then to Israel for my cousins wedding. The trips were complete opposites though I enjoyed them both very much, Goa was one long party, and Israel was (mostly) wholesome QT with the fam.

Goan highlights included:

hammerheads for sale:

cows on the beach:

and awesome parties:

This morning I arrived back in India, decided to take a prepaid taxi to my apartment (not sure if this is cheaper or more expensive then using the meter). The guy told me the price was 250 rs, then charged me 240 and handed me a receipt for 220.  What I got a real kick out of though, was the second bullet point on the receipt:

In case of breakdown on the way driver will arrange another taxi for onward journey and pay part fare to next driver”

Only in India…

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