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Archive: July 2009

Measuring the Success of Social Media Campaigns

July 28, 2009   -   6 comments   -  

Why should businesses engage in Social Media? In the end, the goal of all marketing is to increase sales/conversions. But only in rare examples can a company point to their social media marketing efforts and indicate a direct correlation with sales (one exception is Dell Outlet on Twitter). Companies should engage in social media to

Cost of living comparison: Mumbai vs NYC

July 9, 2009   -   56 comments   -  

Here are some rough cost of living numbers comparing Mumbai and NYC -  some research was done but this is mostly anecdotal based on my experiences.  The below monthly expenses assume you are living very well.  I am erring on the high side. Item INR/USD Cost in India INR/USD Cost of Item in NYC Apartment

Slides from Social Media Training Sessions

July 8, 2009   -   10 comments   -  

Last week I gave a few training sessions to new joinees in our company covering Social Media, Online Advertising and Analytics.  From talks I’ve had with new joinees, I’ve found this information isn’t covered in college/graduate coursework. I’m planning on turning this into a longer course and teaching at one of the business schools here.