It’s been almost two years since I decided to pack up and move to India. Living here has been amazing and life-changing.  I’ve experienced tremendous growth both personally (by meeting a ton of awesome people and traveling around the region) and professionally (by surrounding myself with the incredibly talented folks at Directi). Sadly though all good things must come to an end and I’ll be leaving India in early September. I’m taking a month off to travel around Kenya or Thailand and will be back in NYC by early October.

There are a lot of reasons for moving. When I first arrived in India I was a baby. Everything was new and delightful: getting stuck for hours behind a Ganesh Chaturthi procession – awesome!  Taking Bisleri showers ’cause there’s no water in my apartment – its just like camping!  Cows roaming the beach – hilarious! But after living here for two years a lot of the novelty has worn off. Routine and real-life have sunk in. Living in India isn’t that easy.  In comparison, my life back in the States is much more comfortable and healthy.  It’s time for me to get back to my family and friends.

I’m also seeking a change professionally. While I love working at Directi and really believe in the people and the direction of the company, I’d like to work on something much smaller. I’m seriously considering launching my own web product or joining a very early stage startup. I keep reading about how the New York tech scene is exploding and I want in. If anyone has any leads or suggestions on people I should speak with please let me know.

I certainly have a few regrets (never winning a Bombay Basketball Tourney, knowing that there is so much more I can contribute to in my current role), but for me, right now, this feels good.

I just wanted to thank all my friends, co-workers, bballers, maids and roomates for making this experience so memorable and enjoyable. If I had the chance to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. You’re all awesome.

Amchi Mumbai.

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