Over the past few months my two buddies and I have worked on a bunch of different projects.  From StoryStack to  Tractorbe.am to AudioJux (plus a few others), we’ve realized a few things:

  1. We get all fired up about new ideas
  2. We’re really good at building the first iteration or two of a product
  3. We love working on a wide variety of platforms and across multiple verticals.

Today, I’m proud to announce our latest venture, Startup Giraffe: a product development shop focused exclusively on translating ideas into minimum viable products.  In other words, we’ll build the first version of your startup for cash and a small slice of equity.

We’ve started talking to a bunch of non-technical founders, business school students, corporate dreamers, and companies who don’t have the right type of in-house talent. We’ve realized that options for people to get a new product off the ground are extremely limited.  Existing development companies are charging huge sums for builds that are far more complex and time-consuming than necessary.

Our goal is to simplify and expedite the development process for entrepreneurs.  Here’s how we do it:

  1. We work with entrepreneurs to define their minimum viable product, or the simplest product they need to test their market assumptions.
  2. We collaborate with entrepreneurs on wireframes and graphic design
  3. We build the web or mobile application rapidly (typically 2-3 weeks)

Once we have delivered the first iteration of the product, our involvement becomes more strategic.  We offer technical, marketing and product feedback as needed.  With a first iteration in hand, entrepreneurs can then begin: validating assumptions, gathering customer feedback, raising funds and finding a technical co-founder.

I’m excited about this for so many reasons and really believe this fits our teams strengths and interests perfectly.

Got a project idea?  Get in touch at ak(at)amitklein(dot)com.

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