Two years ago we were late on delivering a project, and one of the developers came up to me and told me his launch-critical piece of functionality was delayed… again. Blame it on fatigue (I’d been up for about 30 hours) and inexperience but I made a critical mistake. I got angry. I yelled for a little bit, and in front of other people too.

After the launch the resentment from that individual carried over into the next project.  Until I made a sincere apology to him (and everyone else) our team was essentially dysfunctional.

I learned two valuable lessons from the experience.  First is that sometimes I’m an asshole (I’m constantly trying to improve).  And second no matter how much money or how critical a deadline relationships are never worth sacrificing. Treat the people you work with like gold.  Whether they are clients, partners or teammates, make your best effort to have open and honest conversations (especially when they are difficult ones).

Happy new year everyone!

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