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Steal this Product Idea:

March 22, 2010   -   16 comments   -  

We are overloaded with information.  During the course of my day I email, tweet, comment, post, chat, message, buzz, check in, call, sms, mms, bbm and sometimes (if I’m really lucky) actually talk to people.  We are moving towards an ever increasing flood of content (much of it automated) and it’s only gettin’ worse.  One

B2B Social Media Marketing

February 22, 2010   -   5 comments   -  

Many people question the value of social media for B2B companies.  I recently gave two sessions trying to answer these questions: Why/How do B2B companies engage in social media? What should companies listen to on the social web and how? What type of content should your company be generating? What is social search and how

Game Changer: Why Google bought Aardvark for $50 million

February 11, 2010   -   25 comments   -  

As confirmed by TechCrunch, Google today announced that they’ve bough Aardvark for $50 million – brilliant move by the Goog. I’ll get to the why after a little background. Google still dominates the most lucrative percentage of marketing dollars spent on the web: But recently they seem scared. Google is a one trick pony, with

Google's Biggest Competitor isn't another Search Engine

January 24, 2010   -   5 comments   -  

There’s no doubt that Google Search is a great product, but aside from some cosmetic changes in how results are displayed there hasn’t been any major innovation in search in the last few years (aright, Goggles is pretty awesome): There are a number of questions which Google fails to answer: “where’s the best bagel in

Eating our own Dogfood in Marketing 2.0 Class

January 22, 2010   -   14 comments   -  

Social Media and Web 2.0 is all about the collaborative, bidirectional flow of information.  It’s no longer a brand, company or authority figure dictating the rules.  As part of the course I’m teaching at NMIMS and ISB, I’m trying to apply the same principals and ask the students to help shape the class.   Here are some

Smart + Hard Working + Charismatic = Crazy Successful

December 16, 2009   -   11 comments   -  

There’s the old project management saying: good, cheap and fast… pick two. In the business world I’ve noticed that three characteristics generally determine success: smart, hard working and charismatic. Sure, the definition of success widely varies but for the purposes of this post, I’ll define it as, “the ability to achieve lofty goals.” If you

Intro to Social Media Videos

December 14, 2009   -   3 comments   -  

Last week I gave two sessions on Social Media Marketing at SPJain. Videos and slides below… let me know what you think: Intro to Social Media – Part 1 – SP Jain – Dec 09 from Amit Klein on Vimeo. Intro to Social Media – Part 2 – SP Jain – Dec 09 from Amit

Introduction to Paid Online Advertising

December 3, 2009   -   0 comments   -  

This past weekend I gave my first two lectures at SPJain on paid online marketing.  I thought it went pretty well, the students seemed really engaged and interested in the material.  The slides, course outline and videos are posted below.  I’ve also agreed to do a 6 week course at another business school: NMIMS (more

Want to be a billion dollar company? Get 28mil users

October 28, 2009   -   5 comments   -  

Business models on the web are undergoing a massive transformation. Originally mimicking the print industry (advertising revenues based on circulation numbers), we are now only beginning to explore real value adding, revenue generating opportunities which leverage the real-time, social, location-aware, collaborative nature of the web. While there are companies who are strategically concerned with building

bahut hi jaldi / too soon

September 29, 2009   -   11 comments   -  

ive been meaning to write another one of these for a while, due to the raging success of my last poem. special thank you to my editors/roomates manoj and general briggs. bahut hi jaldi woh baag mein beti thi jawab ki inthezar mein “mere bina mat jao” woh thokar khaya dheere se hasaa “mujhe dosh

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