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Steal this Product Idea #3: Get Together

July 18, 2010   -   11 comments   -  

While staying up all-night in your mom’s basement, battling magical orcs and pounding Cheetos sounds awesome to some people: most of us would rather meet up with friends and do fun stuff in the real-world.  Virtual worlds are dying.  Instead, we use status updates and check-ins to show off how awesome our first lives are:

Slides from Social Media Training Sessions

July 8, 2009   -   10 comments   -  

Last week I gave a few training sessions to new joinees in our company covering Social Media, Online Advertising and Analytics.  From talks I’ve had with new joinees, I’ve found this information isn’t covered in college/graduate coursework. I’m planning on turning this into a longer course and teaching at one of the business schools here.

An Intro to Social Data Portability

June 21, 2009   -   1 comment   -  

Social Data Portability allows you to bring your friends, interests and relationships where ever you go across the web.  For users, it means not having to create a new account on every site, and having immediate access to your network of friends.  For businesses, it gives you more demographic insight into your users, as well

Advertising Is Not a Sustainable Business Model for the Web (unless you are a Search Engine)

May 31, 2009   -   8 comments   -  

The long-held myth that web companies can achieve profitability through free products, services and content solely based on advertising is fading.  The diminishing rates of online ads, and the slowdown of venture capital and IPOs, has led to a realization that a sustainable business model for web companies must have multiple, diverse, revenue streams. Over

The Transition to Real-Time, Social Search

December 18, 2008   -   1 comment   -  

John Batelle recently wrote a great post about the shift from static to real-time search.  To paraphrase he says that Google is/was awesome because for the first time, you could quickly and accurately get static information about any search term.  Though this strength is also a flaw.  By nature, newer content will have a lower

The Razorfish Consumer Experience Report

November 29, 2008   -     -  

Every year Ave A/Razorfish puts out a yearly report highlighting research and trends in digital marketing. The focus this year is on the expanding role of social apps and how people use them. Not only is the report extremely insightful and provides a glimpse of where the internet and it’s users are headed, it also

Billion Dollar Business Idea

October 16, 2008   -   3 comments   -  

I have an idea, it’s a good one too.  This is gonna be big, we’re talkin’ bigger then YouTube, Facebook and Cute Overload… combined.  I’m goin’ to let you in on the secret, but there’s a catch – I need your help. I just need you to answer to the following question:  What is the

10^100 – Why Google still isn't Evil (yet)

September 23, 2008   -   0 comments   -  

While Google was making headlines today with the launch of G1, I came across another article describing their Project 10100.  The project is described as, “a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible.”  You submit a brief description of the problem you are trying to address, your solution,

Adobe releases free web-based photoshop

March 27, 2008   -   0 comments   -  

Sort of… Doesn’t have nearly as many features as the desktop app, but the scaled back flash app is pretty useful for amateur photo editing. Additionally comes with 2GB storage. Check it out… Google docs showed a powerful example of moving traditionally desktop based apps to the web. But how far can this go? We’ve

Next Gen Development Languages Compared – Silverlight/Flex/Air

December 27, 2007   -   0 comments   -  

So while I’ve heard a lot about the next gen development languages, I haven’t really seen any in action. Here is my brief comparison with examples of each. MS Silverlight Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in and Microsoft’s attempt at a “Flash-killer.” You code in .NET, VB, C#, IronPython or IronRuby. Though (from what I