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The Events of the Last Few Days

November 29, 2008   -   2 comments   -  

I stay in the Northern Suburbs of Mumbai, about an hour from downtown where the terrorist attacks of the last few days occurred and left over 150 people dead and many more injured.  The last few days I’ve stayed holed up in my apartment and the office (3 blocks away), and aside from ruining my

The Razorfish Consumer Experience Report

November 29, 2008   -     -  

Every year Ave A/Razorfish puts out a yearly report highlighting research and trends in digital marketing. The focus this year is on the expanding role of social apps and how people use them. Not only is the report extremely insightful and provides a glimpse of where the internet and it’s users are headed, it also

Ways to improve Twitter – Special Interest and Contact Groups

September 26, 2008   -   0 comments   -  

The first part of this article described why people microblog and the current problems with Twitter.  There were two questions: How can you quickly find and engage in conversations around topics you are interested in? How can you identify which notifications are important and send/receive them in the appropriate method and frequency? The answers: special

Why Twitter? and Problems with Microblogging

September 24, 2008   -   0 comments   -  

I was asked recently to take a look at microblogging and suggest improvements to Twitter.  First off… Why Twitter? It’s a difficult question to answer, even for those who do it regularly.  You start off tepidly following your in-the-know co-worker and soon you are fanatically telling your 513 followers that you are: Recently the NYTimes

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