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Who Needs Estimates?

September 17, 2009   -   5 comments   -  

Last weekend, I participated in and helped organize the CodeChef TechTalks.  In Bangalore, we had a birds of a feather session where the question was asked, why do we need estimates when developing software? Here’s my take: No one is good at estimating – I’ve never met anyone who can consistently, correctly identify how long

Functional Web Application Testing with Selenium IDE and RC

February 26, 2008   -   8 comments   -  

Introduction (How can testing make our lives easier) What is Selenium? Selenium IDE Trivial Example A Less Trivial Test Case (and some useful commands) Selenium RC Setup An example using Python The Future Additional Resources Reference Tutorials Testivus Introduction (How can testing make our lives easier) Testing is important, saves time, and makes our life


February 26, 2008   -   1 comment   -  

Although we are striving towards integrating testing more closely into our development process we still have a long way to go. I thought this article does a good job of explaining testing philosophy in a fun way. To summarize: All code needs to be tested. Ugly tests are better then no tests. Write tests

Good Bug Tracking (aka How to make developers not want to kill you for logging ambiguous bugs they cant reproduce)

December 10, 2007   -   1 comment   -  

In the high-flying fast-paced world of web development it seems like the current “hot” technologies change every day. Luckily there some things that never change… bugs. While we are trying to improve our method of logging, assigning, tracking and resolving bugs, I’d like to share an article that gives general pointers on good bug logging.