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Billion Dollar Business Idea

October 16, 2008   -   3 comments   -  

I have an idea, it’s a good one too.  This is gonna be big, we’re talkin’ bigger then YouTube, Facebook and Cute Overload… combined.  I’m goin’ to let you in on the secret, but there’s a catch – I need your help. I just need you to answer to the following question:  What is the

Increasing WordPress Traffic (Part 1)

October 2, 2008   -   4 comments   -  

Introduction As part of my previous job, I used to manage development and operations for some pretty big entertainment and ecommerce sites.  While my company didn’t explicitly offer SEO services, we implemented recommendations from third party SEO consultancies.  Outside of work, I recently setup wordpress installations for my two friends (Ballgame’s points and Evan Cobb

SEO Best Practices

October 2, 2008   -   0 comments   -  

Preface The purpose of this article is to describe SEO best practices. The list was put together based on recommendations from SEO consultants as well as individual research. This is not meant to serve as a definitive guide since this is a quickly changing field and with every new update to Google’s algorithm, some of

Pluggd – Speach recognition technology for video

June 11, 2008   -   0 comments   -  

This is pretty awesome: Publishers have the option of attaching a heat map of sorts to their videos. The map shows up below videos as a variously colored bar, which ranges from blue to red and activates when the user types in a particular topic. For example, if you’re watching a clip about a golf

Nu Analytics

February 11, 2008   -   0 comments   -  

Using Javascript/Ajax we can build significantly better UI’s and create a much better user experience. Many companies still can’t effectively translate a better user experience into value ($$$). The biggest reason for this is that the statistics captured and reported by many are still page views. Enter the Web 2.0 Anaytics offerings: French company Alenty

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