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Ready to build your product? Do this first.

March 26, 2013   -   0 comments   -  

We often meet with folks who are at the earliest stages of their entrepreneurial ventures and are unsure how to go from idea to product.  After an initial meeting we send them the following recommendations on how to give us (or any other team members) enough context to get started. 1. Provide Background Info What’s

Slides from Social Media Training Sessions

July 8, 2009   -   10 comments   -  

Last week I gave a few training sessions to new joinees in our company covering Social Media, Online Advertising and Analytics.  From talks I’ve had with new joinees, I’ve found this information isn’t covered in college/graduate coursework. I’m planning on turning this into a longer course and teaching at one of the business schools here.

Advertising Is Not a Sustainable Business Model for the Web (unless you are a Search Engine)

May 31, 2009   -   8 comments   -  

The long-held myth that web companies can achieve profitability through free products, services and content solely based on advertising is fading.  The diminishing rates of online ads, and the slowdown of venture capital and IPOs, has led to a realization that a sustainable business model for web companies must have multiple, diverse, revenue streams. Over

Pluggd – Speach recognition technology for video

June 11, 2008   -   0 comments   -  

This is pretty awesome: Publishers have the option of attaching a heat map of sorts to their videos. The map shows up below videos as a variously colored bar, which ranges from blue to red and activates when the user types in a particular topic. For example, if you’re watching a clip about a golf

Nu Analytics

February 11, 2008   -   0 comments   -  

Using Javascript/Ajax we can build significantly better UI’s and create a much better user experience. Many companies still can’t effectively translate a better user experience into value ($$$). The biggest reason for this is that the statistics captured and reported by many are still page views. Enter the Web 2.0 Anaytics offerings: French company Alenty