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Ten Things I Need For Career Bliss

March 2, 2011   -   3 comments   -  

I’ve been giving a lot of thought recently about happiness as it relates to my career. For my own benefit I’ve listed out the things that would make me totally, 100% satisfied with my working life. I’ve put 2′s next to the ones I think I’m currently achieving, 1′s next to the ones I’m kind

The Return

October 19, 2010   -   10 comments   -  

After leaving India and spending an insanely awesome month decompressing on the beaches of Thailand, I’m officially back in New York. The first thing I noticed is that in the two years I was gone, things didn’t really change that much.  My family and friends are all still goin’ strong, the same guys are still

Journey to the Himalayas (Agra, Manali, Lahul Valley, Dharamsala)

August 18, 2010   -   6 comments   -  

Each summer my buddies from college all get together and spend a few days being debaucherous. We unanimously agree on a host and it’s up to them to ensure a good time. Previous trips included such exotic locations as, the Jersey shore, Cape Cod, Vegas, a trailer park in Mexico and Lake of the Ozarks.

bahut hi jaldi / too soon

September 29, 2009   -   11 comments   -  

ive been meaning to write another one of these for a while, due to the raging success of my last poem. special thank you to my editors/roomates manoj and general briggs. bahut hi jaldi woh baag mein beti thi jawab ki inthezar mein “mere bina mat jao” woh thokar khaya dheere se hasaa “mujhe dosh

CodeChef launched!

January 30, 2009   -   1 comment   -  

For the last 2 months or so I’ve been working on setting up an India specific, online coding coding contest: The goal of the site is to identify top technical talent, promote our brand and foster technical competition. It’s a cool project for me ’cause I get to use my existing web project management

How True

January 19, 2009   -   1 comment   -  

Saw this Satyam Ad in the Bangalore Airport: Count on us to transform the game of business How true..

Only in India…

January 12, 2009   -   1 comment   -  

I just returned for 2 trips, first to Goa for New Years, then to Israel for my cousins wedding. The trips were complete opposites though I enjoyed them both very much, Goa was one long party, and Israel was (mostly) wholesome QT with the fam. Goan highlights included: hammerheads for sale: cows on the beach:

A Poem

December 11, 2008   -   11 comments   -  

Yesterday I had my 3rd Hindi lesson.  Combining everything I know I’ve written a poem: Chidya udthi hei Nadi beti hei Ek aurat gati hei… Unke daanth safedh hein Unke paanv lambhe hai Mere dil ko chot lagi hai… Translation: The sparrow flies The river flows One woman sings… She has white teeth Her legs