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Comparison of Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

September 24, 2009   -   9 comments   -  

The first step of any social influence marketing plan should be to listen – not just what people are saying about your company, but about you as a person, your competitors, and key trends in your industry.  I’ve been spending some time recently looking at a lot of different social media listening tools.  The factors

The Problem With Facebook

September 2, 2009   -   5 comments   -  

I came across an article today in the NYTimes describing how people are starting to leave Facebook.  While the author’s claims are anecdotal (certainly the numbers indicate impressive growth), I found myself silently nodding in agreement at some of her points.  The author outlines the feelings of being a stalker, concern of ownership of data,

Measuring the Success of Social Media Campaigns

July 28, 2009   -   6 comments   -  

Why should businesses engage in Social Media? In the end, the goal of all marketing is to increase sales/conversions. But only in rare examples can a company point to their social media marketing efforts and indicate a direct correlation with sales (one exception is Dell Outlet on Twitter). Companies should engage in social media to

Slides from Social Media Training Sessions

July 8, 2009   -   10 comments   -  

Last week I gave a few training sessions to new joinees in our company covering Social Media, Online Advertising and Analytics.  From talks I’ve had with new joinees, I’ve found this information isn’t covered in college/graduate coursework. I’m planning on turning this into a longer course and teaching at one of the business schools here.

An Intro to Social Data Portability

June 21, 2009   -   1 comment   -  

Social Data Portability allows you to bring your friends, interests and relationships where ever you go across the web.  For users, it means not having to create a new account on every site, and having immediate access to your network of friends.  For businesses, it gives you more demographic insight into your users, as well

Advertising Is Not a Sustainable Business Model for the Web (unless you are a Search Engine)

May 31, 2009   -   8 comments   -  

The long-held myth that web companies can achieve profitability through free products, services and content solely based on advertising is fading.  The diminishing rates of online ads, and the slowdown of venture capital and IPOs, has led to a realization that a sustainable business model for web companies must have multiple, diverse, revenue streams. Over

The Case For and Against Google's Rumoured Twitter Acquisition

April 5, 2009   -   0 comments   -  

There’s been a lot of talk the last few days about Google’s rumored “late-stage” acquisition talks with Twitter. While current consensus is that they are merely discussing mutually beneficial product strategies, it doesn’t mean that this deal isn’t being thoroughly considered and dissected by executive committees (not just of Twitter and Google, but MS &

CodeChef launched!

January 30, 2009   -   1 comment   -  

For the last 2 months or so I’ve been working on setting up an India specific, online coding coding contest: The goal of the site is to identify top technical talent, promote our brand and foster technical competition. It’s a cool project for me ’cause I get to use my existing web project management

The Transition to Real-Time, Social Search

December 18, 2008   -   1 comment   -  

John Batelle recently wrote a great post about the shift from static to real-time search.  To paraphrase he says that Google is/was awesome because for the first time, you could quickly and accurately get static information about any search term.  Though this strength is also a flaw.  By nature, newer content will have a lower

The Events of the Last Few Days

November 29, 2008   -   2 comments   -  

I stay in the Northern Suburbs of Mumbai, about an hour from downtown where the terrorist attacks of the last few days occurred and left over 150 people dead and many more injured.  The last few days I’ve stayed holed up in my apartment and the office (3 blocks away), and aside from ruining my

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